Kafr Qasem Tour

This tour explores Kafr Qasem via the new neighborhoods of Rosh Ha’ayin, where demographic complexities and issues of land preservation and development playing out between the two communities are fascinating and painful. The tour will enter Kafr Qasem from the east, passing the separation fence which borders Oranit, a Jewish city. There, groups will view and discuss the impact of the fence on the region. The next stop will be in a 100-year-old house  where groups will learn about the everyday life of a typical Arab family in the previous century. Next we will visit the memorial monument in the center of town which was established in memory of victims of the massacre that took place in Kafr Qasem in 1956. From there groups will continue to the adjacent mosque to learn about the architecture of the building and explore the core principles of Islam.

Duration: 3 hours
Costs include tour guide, entrance fees and light refreshments.

Additional “Encounter”: Regular Meal (non-kosher) or Kosher Meal.

Encounter Options:

  • A meeting with a resident of Kafr Qasem, a former Knesset parliamentary assistant who lived in the United States for over ten years. The talk will explore Arab society’s central current issues, including language, education, employment, the status of women, and more.
  • A joint dance workshop with junior-high and high-school students, members of the local Debka dance troupe.
  • A lecture with one of the producers of the popular TV drama “Fauda” (“Chaos”), which was filmed in Kafr Qasem.