Tour to Shfaram

Shfaram’s tour will begin in the city’s town-hall square where there stands a statue by artist Abed Abadi which tells the story of the city’s rich history. While continuing on to the ancient mosque, the group can fill their senses with the aromas of coffee and roasting spices in shops along Shfaram’s Main Street. In the mosque groups will be met by the muezzin, who will speak about Islam and about shared life in the city. On the way to the ancient synagogue of Shfaram, the group will visit the large local church to hear about its history and the lives of the city’s Christians. The next stop is the synagogue,  located in the old village center. There the group will learn about Shfaram’s former Jewish community (in existence until the 1920s) and about the way non-Jewish residents take care of the surviving synagogue today. The tour concludes at Shfaram Ice Cream, a family business that produces ice cream using a recipe that has been handed down for generations. There the group will meet with the business owners and enjoy an ice cream made with mastic spice, which is traditionally used in many desserts and baked goods in local Arab cuisine.

Duration: 3-4 hours (depending on the needs of the group).
Costs include tour guide, entrance fees and light refreshments.
Additional “Encounter” – Regular Meal (non-kosher), or Kosher Meal.