Tayibe Tour

This tour, located in central Israel, is a great option for groups short on time. Tours in Tayibe provide a glimpse of Arab society in Israel, and includes a short walking tour through an ancient historical site. From there the tours continue to the central mosque of Tayibe where the group will learn about the principles of Islam. We also offer various additional components such as an encounter with a resident* at the local Diwan (traditional meeting space) and a visit to a local spice shop to learn about the culinary traditions of the Arab-Palestinian kitchen.

Duration: 3 hours
Costs include tour guide, entrance fees and light refreshments.
Additional “Encounter” – Regular Meal (non-kosher), or Kosher Meal.

Encounter Options:

  • Meeting with Nehama Marai – A Jewish woman who is married to a Muslim resident of Taibe, and who established the city’s first kindergarten network.
  • A meeting with a young adult resident of one of the Arab villages, including hearing his/her perspective on the complexities of living as an Arab citizen of Israel.
  • A meeting with Arab and Jewish teenagers, the Jewish ones from the community of Saleet and Arab ones from Taibe, for a joint open and honest discussion about the world of young people, living in the shadow of Israel’s on-going conflicts.